Everyone can be themselves. Anywhere in the world. And earn their own living in the process. That is the goal of our giving circle @Give A Damn Foundation.

Ambitious? Yes! Bold? Yes! And heartily innovative within the world of #philanthropy. We prove to be #trendsetters. Each member contributes a fixed amount and together, through a #democratic process, we determine which #LHBTQIA+ organization receives our money to build for the future.

How do we find those organizations? Partly with the help of @Hivos. Last Thursday our members got together for a #networking meeting along with Hivos. To learn how we complement each other and to figure out together how we can best advance our fellow LGBTQIA+ people. Want to learn more about the Give A Damn Foundation? Then send an email to: giveadamnfoundation@gmail.com.

Thanks to @Frank Aalderinks and @Mickey Andeweg for providing the content for the evening and thanks to @VanderValkZuidas for facilitating this wonderful evening!