We have a dream

We want to create opportunities for LGBTI’s, so that they are able to live their lives in the way that they choose, using their talents and potential, just as we have been given such opportunities in our lives. The Give a Damn circle works together, learns together, and chooses together for the projects that we support.

Our dream is to empower lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex people (LGBTI’s) worldwide. We do this through supporting projects that give support to LGBTI’s, with a focus on the improvement of human rights, living and working conditions.

What we support

We support projects worldwide that have the potential to produce practical results and create concrete opportunities for LGBTI’s, including projects in difficult circumstances. We support small-scale projects and initiatives that focus on improvement of human rights, living and working conditions. We support financially by means of a donation, but we also offer, if requested, other kinds of support on the basis of our expertise.

working together

We bundle our strengths in a giving circle of people who work together to realise a dream: contributing to the opportunities for LGBTI’s worldwide.

learning together

As a diverse network that discusses the projects that we support, we pay attention to project results, inspiring each other, and celebrating successes.

choosing together

We create the ultimate autonomy as contributors to the circle, and make the choices ourselves as to which projects we support together. All circle members participate actively in the selection of the projects that we support.

We give a damn

We have been given, have created, and have benefitted from, opportunities in our lives. We are very much aware of our privileged position in a wealthy and relatively tolerant country such as The Netherlands. Not everyone gets such opportunities, and that is why we want to give something back and create opportunities for LGBTI’s. We want to support brave and beautiful LGBTI initiatives and projects worldwide with financial support. We focus on initiatives that bring the freedom that we experience in our daily lives, a step closer for others. We give a damn!


Vera Peerdeman

Vera Peerdeman


Vera Peerdeman is the founder Nassau Fundraising and author of Weg van Filantropie.

Edith Molemans

Edith Molemans


Edith Molemans is attorney at law and the office director of Boontje Advocaten.

Karen Kraan

Karen Kraan


Karen Kraan is the owner of the international organisational development agency, Flowz.

Martijn Stammes

Martijn Stammes

Board member

Martijn is lawyer, mediator and founder at Fam. Advocaten


The Give a Damn circle has approximately 30 members as of 2018. We have the ambition to grow. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining, or finding out more.

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